The environment we surround ourselves in has a direct impact on how we feel and function as individuals. Just as an office space can lay the groundwork for a more productive workday, an overly cluttered and haphazard office can impede productivity. Going further, an overly messy or haphazard home can lead to emotional turmoil.

Take a look around you. Where are you, what do you see, how is everything organized? Can you find something you need quickly or do you have to search around? Finally, does what you see cause you serenity or stress? If what you see starts to make you feel nervous, stressed, or overwhelmed it’s time to take action.

People hold onto things for a variety of reasons; sometimes it’s sentimental, other times certain items are important to keep on file, and some things are just plain interesting. The problem becomes when an individual clings to THINGS for the wrong reasons. The thought of getting rid of them causes unthinkable amounts of stress or fear which prevents them from becoming a healthy whole person.

Things are ultimately just things, but because of our human emotions, it’s sometimes difficult to discern if the reason you’re holding onto things ultimately comes back to a strong enough reason. Often times you need to have a third party, one who isn’t so emotional about the ‘stuff’, to come in and offer clarity on what is important and what needs to be dumped. What’s remarkable is that once you finally find the courage to dump the clutter and get organized you will be overwhelmed with a sense of freedom, unburdening, and renewed energy.

In entering this New Year, set yourself up for success with an office that nurtures creativity and productivity. Surround yourself in an office that gets you excited for your work goals and motivated to put in your best effort.

Come home to a house, and a bedroom, that reflects your passions and what makes you happy as an individual. Make your space one that is inviting and makes you feel at ease, rather than stressed. Sight is one of our most relied upon senses, even on an unconscious level, what you’re seeing is intrinsically linked to your mood. Those struggling with insomnia or sleep problems may be surprised to learn that the state of their bedroom could be the trigger that’s sending them off to a restless night.

Tackle bigger goals in 2015 and make one of those goals a BETTER personal well-being. Take action on creating that by making your environment one that breeds an enthusiasm for life. Contact Kefi Coaching today to work out a plan for 2015 that will set you up to successfully accomplish your goals.