Do you ever feel like you are in the wrong profession, or in a position not suited to you? It’s not enough for some people to have a career path—they want to be engaged in their work and excel at their job.

Each of us is different because we have unique, natural talents and strengths. It’s our differences that are our advantage, individually and on teams. Customers, supervisors, and team members are not going to go to great lengths to seek out what makes you different. If you ever feel like there is more for you out there or perhaps a better fit, a great next step would be to discover your strengths and how to apply them in your work.

Being aware of your own strengths and applying them is a key to being engaged in your work and having a happier, more fulfilling life. Imagine the power you would have over your personal and professional life if you knew exactly what motivates you, what you’re really good at and how to match your passion, natural talents and strengths with the right career path.

Awareness of your strengths and who you truly are, as well as tapping into those strengths and using them to their fullest potential, will generate opportunities for you to excel in your duties, your career and your personal life too. Once you understand how your own personal strengths can align with your career and performance, you will also have a better understanding of how best to work with others.

With this added understanding of others, you can more effectively communicate with those around you, and improve the decision making and performance of your teams. In fact, strength-based strategies and techniques have been proven to increase productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability, morale and much more.

According to a recent Gallop report, 50% of employees are not engaged in their work; meaning, one-half of the people that show up to work have little desire to be there. Which 50% are you? Contact Kefi Coaching today for more information on how coaching can help you discover your strengths and align them with the best career for you!