Living Your Extraordinary Life

A guide for turning chaos into order to create a life of passion & purpose…

Are you saying, “I don’t want to be here anymore?”
Are you ready to go from “now what” to “what now” and live an extraordinary life with more freedom, passion, and fun?

If this sounds like you, then the time is NOW to create and start living your extraordinary life! With clarity, energy, and courage, you’ll be on your way to living an extraordinary life every day with more freedom, power and joy than you’ve ever had before.

This FREE ebook is filled with exercises that help you define your Now What Vision and Purpose!

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“What a difference this woman has made in my life! In our first session together, Tyra showed me how to shift my internal dialogue – the one which drives me, and sometimes drives me crazy. Her wisdom, intuition, and authentic feedback about my personal and professional goals continue to impress me. I’m back on track with more focus and less fear. She is literally a lifesaver.  Many thanks to you, Tyra.”

Cheryl Moody