~ Mindset Mastery ~

Unlock Your Power to Achieve Success

~ 3 Week Mindset Accelerator ~

Monday’s 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm PST
August 17th, August 31st, September 14th


$67 OWL Special

You’ll get tremendous support through our weekly group training calls, worksheets & action plans, private OWL Accelerator Facebook Group, and vibrant community. 

All Group Coaching calls will be recorded.

Special Price good until 7/31/20

Here are a few of the comments from members of my last group accelerator program:

  • “I’m so grateful for Tyra’s coaching. The support she provided helped me with a big business issue and it ended up being a major breakthrough in my company.”

  • “I was finally able to accomplish things that have been on my to-do list for years! Before I was just treading water. I’m so much farther along than I would have been without the support of this group.”

  • “Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! The group created the foundation I needed to get unstuck and start moving forward. I’m grateful to be a part of the community.”
  • “The accountability helped me focus on my progress and that motivated me to do more and stay consistent. I’m so much further than I ever thought I would be. I feel more capable than ever to accomplish what I need to because of this group.

  • “The group coaching sessions really helped me connect with the other members. It was the support I needed to accomplish the goals I set when I joined.”

  • “I’m so grateful for this group. When I started, I thought I would be focusing on my business but I realized that I can’t separate my personal life from my business and this group helped me dive into areas that I didn’t know I needed support on.”

Your Mindset is THE Key to Getting What You Want

The Mindset Mastery 3-Week  Accelerator is exactly where you need to be if you know you’re ready for success tools, growth and transformation.

The group coaching format is an excellent way to get the support you need and create results FAST.

When you complete this program, you will:
  • Gain clarity and discover your hidden roadblocks
  • Learn new ways of thinking and being for a success mindset
  • Set the stage for career and life success in the “new normal”
  • Make time to work through mindset shifts and increase productivity to get more done in less time
  • Have more confidence to take new, empowered actions
  • Get support from your OWL community needed to achieve your goals

You are all you need to be to have the career & life you want. Mindset Mastery is a tool to help you clear the blocks and create healthy predictable results.

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Special OWL Pricing
Only $67

Special Price good until 7/31/20

Your guidance helped me regain my momentum. Your coaching and vision for my personal & professional life saved me. Words can never express what your coaching has done for me. You are a blessing and I am forever grateful for you.”  M.

Meet Tyra

Tyra Jarvis is the founder and president of Kefi Coaching LLC. She works with leaders facing career and life transitions to align the desires of their hearts with the power of their mind and have more freedom, passion, and fun every day. Whatever their challenge, she makes a difference for her clients by helping them get focused, motivated, and moving forward. Her specialties include leadership development, business, and executive coaching, and career/life transition.

Her client list includes ATT, PayPal, Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, City of Sacramento, Oracle, Kura MD, PGA of America, Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology, Praxis Associates, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Sacramento Steps Forward, Seven-Up Bottling Company of SF, Unleashing Leaders and University of California, Davis.

A proven leader with demonstrated professional experience built upon a 30-plus-year career in the “hyper-competitive” telecommunications industry planning and implementing enterprise-wide technology and business projects, and 10+ years as a volunteer leader with the LPGA Amateur Golf Association and Stand Up Placer.

Tyra is valued by her clients for her proven ability to “get it done,” along with her diverse background, analytical and problem-solving skills, and capacity to listen for their success. She partners with clients in a process that values empowerment and individual responsibility to support them in translating their passion and goals into reality.