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Dynamic, Inspiring, Challenging

Tyra Jarvis lights up the room with her inspiring, motivational talks on life, business, and how golf can directly impact your success. Known as “The Game Changer Coach,” Tyra guides audiences on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression to rekindle their passion for their life and career.

Tyra Jarvis is a life reinvention mentor, leadership coach, and avid golfer. As founder and president of Kefi Coaching LLC, she works with individuals and leaders facing career and life transitions. Whatever their challenge, Tyra helps her clients get inspired and empowered, unstuck and moving forward, making better decisions so they can live life with more freedom, fulfillment, and ease every day.

She specializes in reinvention and transformation, by listening for possibility and being a stand for you living an extraordinary life. She is also a co-author of “Teeing Up for Success,” a compilation of insightful and inspirational stories from extraordinary women on how they have used golf to achieve their goals.

Her client list includes ATT, Oracle, SAFE Credit Union, PayPal, Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, City of Sacramento, Kura MD, PGA of America, Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology, Praxis Associates, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Sacramento Steps Forward, Seven-Up Bottling Company of SF, Unleashing Leaders, University of California, Davis and several leaders and individuals from a variety of industries. She is currently on the faculty of the Impact Foundry, Sacramento.

Podcast Episodes

Are you looking for a strong guest for your podcast? Tyra’s approach to reinventing your life at any age is thought provoking and engaging.

Fearless Generations 12 Steps to Freedom: Step 1 Awareness with Kelly Fox

Trailblazers Impact Podcast Guest:

Coping in Crisis Podcast Guest

Watch for tips on how to gain control of fear and anxiety around uncertainty.

Speaking Topics

“I Think I Can” Mind Power for Success Any Time

Tyra Jarvis shares how your response to challenges presented by any uncertainty can either be a game-changer or a missed opportunity. The secret is to defend against the mind’s instinct to survive by taking a stand to protect your mental state. Tyra discusses strategies to stay positive, creative, solution-focused, and in action. Benefits available to you could be more self-control, realized potential, better decisions, and results.

In this session, you will learn:

✓ What is mindset and why you should never cross it off your “to-do” list
✓ Why you keep allowing and attracting stumbling blocks into your life
✓ Why mindset mastery is vital to your success
✓ Strategies to shift your mindset, push past roadblocks and accelerate success

Living Your Extraordinary Life: Reinventing Your Life from the Inside Out – Now!

Are you saying, “I don’t want to be here anymore?” Ready to go from now what to what now and live an extraordinary with more freedom, fulfillment and fun?

If this sounds like you, then the time is NOW to create and start living your extraordinary life! With clarity, focus, energy and courage, you’ll be on your way to living an extraordinary life every day with more freedom, power, and joy than you’ve ever had before.

In this inspirational and motivational presentation, you will:

✓ Assess what needs to change
✓ Visualize and document your future fulfilled
✓ Create an action plan to convert your dreams into reality
✓ Discover anything that could get in your way and identify strategies for busting roadblocks
✓ Learn strategies and skills to accelerate your success and fulfillment

Golf: The Contact Sport for Business and Life

Looking to build sustaining relationships, increase access to decision makers, grow your influence and impact? Golf is the sport of choice for business, and golfers represent a network of 25 million Americans. Statistics show having golf in your tool kit can be a game-changer for you and your organization!

Tyra shares why golf is the perfect networking tool and a critical success tool for high achievers. This session is designed for anyone who wants to strategically harness the power of golf. If you’re already leveraging golf, come to hear a new perspective, explore partnership
methods, and consider innovative ways to elevate your experience.

What if you don’t golf? Without proficiency and confidence to play the game, many choose to pass on invitations. The unfortunate result is missed opportunities to network with influencers and decision-makers, clients, and team members. If you’re tired of being left out or saying “no” to golf invites, you can’t afford not to play.

In this fun, lively presentation, you will learn:

✓ How golf can be a total game changer
✓ What it costs you not to have golf in your toolkit
✓ How to take advantage of the opportunities when you learn to play
✓ How golf gives you Unparalleled access to influencers and decision makers
✓ Secrets to level-up your executive development
✓ How to apply and practice mindset science – beyond the game and into your life

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Tyra Jarvis – Mentor, Coach, Author & Speaker