How Your State of Being is Affecting Your Life

How is your state of being affecting your life? I was reminded in early 2020 that the only certainty is uncertainty.

As the year rolled along, I was challenged to see possibilities and creative solutions when everything I knew and had counted on was threatened and changing, especially when my freedoms were impacted.

Fortunately, I quickly realized I own my response to uncertainty, and it is entirely within my control.

I determine my view of the circumstances and whether I see possibility and opportunity or not. This realization of taking control and being responsible for anything I can control is a game-changer for achieving intentions, goals, and living a joyful, happy, fulfilling life regardless of circumstances, especially uncertainty. 

Any uncertainty in any area of life – health, work, finances, relationships, lifestyle – comes with fear, anxiety, and stress from the perceived lack of control.

Awareness and clarity of what you can control, which means seeing the situation and circumstances as they are and in the present, not in the past or future and as you think they are, is key.

The good news is your being is entirely within your control in any situation and is key to how you stay connected to your true self, view circumstances in the present reality, and see actions to take. It’s the way you choose to live your life. 

When you’re clear, connected, and committed to your being, you feel secure, confident, committed with the courage to take the necessary action no matter how difficult or challenging. You choose to use your efforts to work with you and for you rather than against you.

What is your being state?

Your being state is how you go about living your life. It is rooted in the elements that make your life meaningful to you and the qualities that bring you joy, happiness, and fulfillment. 

I recently became aware of Josh Kaufman, author of the Personal MBA. He recommends you start by deciding what states of being you want to experience in your life. This is very personal, very individualized. It’s your way of living your life.

Those answers are not going to come outside yourself. You’re going to need to go inside. So what are those elements that light you up, that bring you joy?

Some examples of states of being are:

  • Spending time with people I love
  • Having enough money to live without financial stress
  • Experiencing new and different people, places, and things
  • Being calm and stress-free
  • Working on things I enjoy with people I like

Your state of being becomes a playbook for the actions you will commit to taking whatever is most important to you:

  • Making time to be with the people I love and care about.
  • Taking actions consistent with the intention to have enough money to live a life without financial stress.
  • Making a healthy lifestyle a priority.

This quote from Deepak Chopra, author, and alternative medicine advocate, clarifies the essence and spirit of being.

“Being is a silent, unshakable foundation of our life. It gives purpose, strength, balance, and direction to our life just by virtue of its existence. It is different from our body and mind that actively send signals back to us to regulate life. Being is self-regulating, self-sustaining, and self-aware. When we are connected to our being, we feel secure, confident, loving, open, and awake.”

Just sit with that for a second and get that being is the way that you’re in this silent unshakeable foundation of your life. Your being supports you, not being easily swayed by beliefs, thoughts, emotions, or triggers, whatever might take you out. 

Being is your bridge to action and the results you produce in any area of your life. It supports you in choosing choices and making decisions from where you’re going rather than from where you are currently. 

Your being is influenced by your physical, mental, and emotional well being. Do I believe I can? Do I think I can? Am I tired, out of gas, and judging and critical. Your being state is the bridge between your foundation of well being and your daily actions.

A strong connection to your being helps you defend against anything that shows up to block you, take you out, take you off track, is not a priority – so it’s a good self-defense strategy to be connected to your “being.”

What happens when you’re stuck in a state of being working in opposition to what you want?

The answers to these questions spotlight how your being is affecting your life.

Reflection Exercise

  • Looking at your life, what is your current state of “being?” 
  • How is your physical, mental, and emotional well being supporting your being state?
  • Are you connected to your being and choosing actions aligned with who you want to be in the world?
  • Have you surrounded yourself with supportive, like-minded people to guide you on your journey?
  • How do you view and respond to circumstances and challenges?
  • Are the actions you’re choosing to take consistent with your intentions and commitments? 
  • Are you prioritizing your wellbeing and ensuring a strong personal foundation and anchor for your being to bridge to action? 

 What stops you?

At one time or another, we’re all stopped on our journey to what’s most important.

What stops you? Prevents you from getting started by taking the first step?

When you’re humming along, and out of nowhere, something shows up to block you, challenge you, stop you? It takes you off track, testing your resolve, commitment, how serious you are?

Is it fear, lack of confidence, and courage? It’s those very things that potentially stop us from taking action and experiencing more happiness, peace, and freedom.

A strong connection with your being state can keep you in action with clarity, confidence, and courage to push past fear and keep taking the actions to move your life forward.

Your being state can help you defend yourself against uncertainty and keep you falling forward.

When I am stopped, I take responsibility for my reaction and response. If I’m going off track – how am I being? Is the breakdown coming from weak spots in my physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing? 

Is it a breakdown in my habits and routines – sleep, exercise, fueling, hydration, distractions, circumstances, and competing demands? I must remember – I only have control over ME and my responses.

Remember: Mindset is the only “to do” you never cross off your list! – Sandra Yancey, CEO eWomen Network, Personal & Business Transformation Expert

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If you seek success and fulfillment, staying connected to your state of being is your path.

It supports you staying in touch with your true self, living in the present, and choosing actions consistent with your intentions and commitments regardless of what’s going on around you.

A successful, fulfilling life requires a strong foundation to anchor your bridge to action.

This is your being, and it’s a reflection of your mindset and your physical and emotional well being.

Prioritizing a healthy physical, mental, emotional, and being states are all critical to the practice of fulfillment every day and living a happy, joyful, fulfilling life.

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